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Technology doesn't build successful projects, people do. However, they are constrained if they are not proficient at managing change across an organisation. Project Management is a skill and can be learned. However, doing a PRINCE 2 or PMBOK certification only provides the toolbox, it doesn't give you the experience, knowledge and understanding of corporate processes and policies necessary to lead programmes and projects to successful outcomes.
The consequences of this lack of understanding manifests itself as poor execution, unreliable reporting and late or failed delivery. The PMI Survey 2014 "The high cost of low performance 2014" research concluded that:
"...organisations face a wide chasm between their actual state and the state of success, mostly due to a lack of focus on people, processes and outcomes. As a result, their projects, including those focused on an organisation’s highest priorities - strategic initiatives - are suffering, and organisation are losing on average of US$109 million for every US$1 billion spend on projects." 


Our training philosophy is based on successful change management. We believe that for processes to be successful, people need to be educated. We consider that giving your teams the right skills, support and guidance is paramount to successful project and portfolio management.

1. Bespoke training

We have built bespoke training on risk management, PPM Tool utilisation, strategic alignment, portfolio prioritisation, benefit estimation, planning and realisation, to name just a few. These are skills that successful project and portfolios need, but are not provided by classic PRINCE2 / PMBOK courses.

BENEFIT: Training your teams on your processes and best practises delivers consistent and repeatable outcomes and embeds them into your organisational culture. This greater knowledge delivers improved data quality resulting in better management information, meaning well informed decisions can be made by Executives.

2. Continuous Improvement

Your business doesn't stand still and neither should your training. Continuous improvement to processes and training drives greater efficiency. By interacting regularly with the project community, trust is built and new value surfaces as the organisational maturity increases.

BENEFIT: Maintaining a good training regime empowers existing teams and educates new employees, whilst building trust, rapport and better project outputs.

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