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Maxica PMaaS

Project Management as a Service (PMaaS)
Right fit resources delivered on day 1


In the age of digital disruption powered by ‘Anything as a Service’ have you considered Project Management as a Service in your IT operating model?

A ‘cloud first strategy’ often answers the question of ‘what is required' to enable your business and IT strategy, but it doesn't always address the ‘who’ or ‘how’ to deliver it.

PMaaS puts strategy execution at the centre of business and IT change. It is the fabric of the ‘who’ and ‘how’ to rapidly improve current and future state project delivery capabilities.

  • Puts buying services ahead of hiring project managers;
  • Cost effective, ensuring the right mix of project managers, agile experts, analysts and technical expertise;
  • Flexible matching demand and complexity of projects and programmes;
  • Responsive allowing the onboarding of the right resources at the right time;
  • A step change to significantly increasing the project management maturity in your organisation.

See our PMaaS Brochure to learn more.


The brochure will be emailed to you once you complete your details.

A typical 'fast adoption' model would see a Agile rapid start up, taking user stories and the existing backlog of requirements to deliver the first trance of work. This would then build into a Hybrid design and delivery model using a blend of flexible working methods and your technical and business skilled staff with our PMaaS resources to achieve a complete business outcome.

Maxica PMaaS

Maxica has a structured PMaaS engagement model which enables us to quickly understand your current programme and project processes, the project portfolio and resourcing requirements. This means the right fit resources are delivered on day 1!

PMaaS Path

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