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Are your business processes helping or hindering your business performance and growth?

Business Improvement (BI) is a combination of techniques to provide a systematic process for identifying, analysing, measuring and improving the business. As a strategic and tactical tool it can reduce capability gaps, improve information flow and remove “waste” from the enterprise.

Business Improvement is a perfect complement to the rapid growth that a great strategy, portfolio management and honed project output delivers. It provides a controlled method of continuous improvement and underpins the maturity of the organisation to do more with less. 


Maxica’s approach is to listen you carefully, observe what you do objectively and identify practical steps to help you quickly. Business Improvement tools like LEAN, Six Sigma encompassing Define/Measure/Analyze/Improve/Control (DMAIC) and Value Stream Mapping (VSM) are just some of the tools we utilise to work with your teams to identify value leakage and waste and put robust, measurable containment and countermeasures in place. One of the underlying principles of Business Improvement is “What gets measured, gets done” so we actively encourage LEAN Information Centres to demonstrate progress to the organisation and celebrate the success that your teams deliver through this process.

1. BI alignment to Strategy

Integrating your business process and technology capability to execute components of your strategy is a key consideration of BI. Therefore we would encourage an as-is baseline position to be established along with a to-be state and the respective gap analysis to ensure that the business strategy has the underpinning structure to be delivered successfully.

BENEFIT: Proactively identifying business blockers or enablers to strategic deliverables provides decision makers with invaluable data in managing expectations and promoting the right objectives at the right time.

2. BI Programme Improvement

We help organisations review their processes and leverage the best of breed across a wider landscape to improve adoption and consistency across divisions, business units or globally. Alignment brings great benefits in streamlining, consistency and familiarity for your people, making it easier to do business internally and with customers.

BENEFIT: A best of breed process that has been analysed and improved using BI techniques will improve visibility, empower you staff via their expert input and deliver an optimised output.

3. Continuous Improvement drives maturity

We know from experience that enhanced tools and techniques in your “change the business” and “run the business” space require continuous improvement to continue to build and grow the maturity and optimisation of your business. By benchmarking your existing organisation position an improvement roadmap can be developed to mature processes, services and staff in the most efficient way possible.

BENEFIT: Streamlining your business operations will make your teams more efficient, reducing time and waste and allowing them to focus on growth and maximising revenue.

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