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Will your project investments deliver your strategic aims?

A recent global survey suggests that only 25% of investments are aligned to strategic objectives. So, if you want a competitive advantage alignment is essential.

The heightened focus on Project Portfolio Management is a direct reaction to the significant long downturn in the economy and the need to do more for less. As such, a more risk adverse approach is being taken by executives and a higher level of focus is being placed on, what is being done, how it is being done, by whom, and most importantly, the value of doing it.


Maxica has developed a tried and tested model for helping organisation of all sizes achieve successful project portfolio management. We work closely with business champions to understand what are the current strengths, weakness and priorities to the organisation and then deliver a structured staged development plan to quickly deliver maturity and tangible benefits. We combine our best practice subject matter expertise with a pragmatic “real-world” approach, so that the solutions we develop with you, work for you.

Project Portfolio Management delivers value in different ways for different organisations, however, these are four generic components that always yields tangible benefits:

1. Visibility

We will help the organisation get a real sense of its current and potential programme and projects landscape, in terms of the number of investment, overall spend and the benefit value.

BENEFIT: Provides a single source of truth of organisational expenditure on projects and an initial view of resource consumption.

2. Categorisation

We help the organisation define and group project investments into meaningful business and strategy linked portfolios and sub-categories that provides an analytical approach to balancing portfolios.

BENEFIT: Reduces waste, reuses solutions and ensures corporate alignment to technology solutions.

3. Prioritization

We help to build the objective prioritisation criteria, based on what matters to your organisation. This allows investments to be ranked and compared against each other, so that “best fit” investments are selected.

BENEFIT: Facilitates right decision making based on strategic alignment, risks and benefit return, whilst considering constraining factors of resource and funding.

4. Optimisation

We can help organisations provide a proactive approach to portfolios via the management of demand in conjunction with the budgetary lifecycle to create an annual, three year and five year investment plans.

BENEFIT: Facilitates right decision making, via scenario modelling, on where to initially invest money, when to cancel projects and how to rationalise expenditure to meet changing budget landscapes.

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