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Enterprise Architecture Triangle

Strategy and Enterprise Architecture

Does your business strategy net value from your technology investment?

Enterprise architecture (EA) is a strategic planning process that integrates business and IT strategy to improve both financial efficiency and business effectiveness. Done right, it can be a powerful mechanism for advancing the business strategy of enterprises. CIO’s today need to think beyond tending technology to hunting and harvesting for digital value. Using Enterprise Architecture new technologies and innovations can be linked to strategy and future state business capabilities.


Maxica’s approach is to understand your business and to optimise your value. Strategy development using strategic planning tools like Hoshin deliver measurable strategic objectives, aligned to fiscal periods and with accountable personal. We use these tools with your business expertise to build meaningful business growth plans that have a roadmap to successfully achieve your objectives.

Complementing the business strategy with a digital strategy is essential for sustainability and growth. Enterprise Architecture using TOGAF’s Architecture Development Method (ADM) is applicable to all of the business, but currently the highest value is being returned in this digital area through hunting and harvesting. Hunting relates to the innovation of IT, whilst harvesting focuses on business capability models that exploit the synergies of capabilities from one business unit to another.

1. Strategic Tools

We will help the organisation get real synergies from building a business and digital strategy utilising Enterprise Architecture and Portfolio Management to plan, build and operate an optimised business model.

BENEFIT: Clear roadmap strategy for shareholders and stakeholder to have confidence in with demonstrable deliverables at regular intervals.

2. Solutions Catalogue

We can identify and build a catalogue of corporate solutions for common business and IT challenges that feature across multiple business units (harvesting), providing a highly effective way of streamlining the organisations complexity and costs.

BENEFIT: Reduces the number of suppliers, contracts and products within the enterprise, lowering operating costs, removing complexity, making support easier and leveraging economies of scale.

3. Architecture Reviews

We can establish the framework and execute the review of potential projects and in flight projects against the strategic framework to ensure that business and technology architecture are being achieved in each and every project and new opportunities are not missed (hunting).

BENEFIT: Ensures strategic and technology alignment and that correct architecture principals are followed for solutions.

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